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Shiver Siberians are bred for health, temperament and beauty but you
will also find a Shiver Siberian to be the best friend you will ever have.
Their beauty and movement are unmatched.
There is nothing more breathtaking than a crisp fresh snowfall and a pack of Siberians running free in it.
I am always amazed at the sheer joy it brings them, each time as new and fun for them as the first time.

Solid temperaments are a must for any dog joining a family or entering the show ring.
Our few breeding dogs are Champions and dogs that have been in
American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club show competition.

Our dogs grace and beauty are added bonuses to their fabulous personalities.   

Shiver Siberians is Karen Street and Lisa Monge.  Lisa is a handler and trainer and
kennel manager for a husky rescue. Karen started Shiver Siberians in 2005.

Below you can see our kennel set up. The dogs here are loved and cared for in complete comfort and luxury! Nothing is too good for our  furkids!
We are a very small State Licensed kennel located on 30 rural acres in Marengo, Illinois.

e doeed more dogs than we feel are wanted by good homes and certainly
would never breed unless we feel a particular breeding might improve upon
the many fabulous generations of Siberians we already have here with us!

  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.