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Thank you for considering one of my country raised Huskies.

You can help me to get to know you by filling out and returning my prospective owner’s Questionnaire. This is an important part in adopting a Husky. It is important to me that you get the puppy you want as well as one that will fit into your loving family... Please realize that not all puppies will be a good fit for each prospective buyer. I ask that you respect my efforts in placing only the puppy that fits your family based on my observations and knowledge. 

The Adoption Questionnaire starts just below this message. Make entries and Click on "Send Questionnaire" at the bottom.


Karen Street, Top Dog

Shiver Siberians

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1) How did you hear about our Siberians?
2) What breeds have you ever owned? *
3) Do you own dogs now?

If "yes", how many and what breeds, ages?
 Yes    No *

4) What happened to the dogs you no longer own?  *
5) Which breeds did you own that were not what you expected?
6) Which breeds were you happy with?
7) If you have children, what are their ages?
If no children, enter "None"

If you do not have children, will your dog be exposed to other children frequently or not at all?

 Yes    No
8) Have your children, or will your children (or children you will be in contact with),  be trained on the proper treatment of a pet?  Yes    No *
9)What will the primary quarters be for your Siberian Husky?

Part I: Select One:
If OTHER please describe:

Part II: Select One:
If OTHER please describe:

 Crate    Special Room    By Your Side    Doggie Day Care    Other

 Home    Apartment    Townhome    Parent's Home    Other
10) If you work, how many hours will you have to leave your Husky alone?
11) Can you arrange to have your Husky let out every 4 hours as a puppy?  Yes    No   *
The Siberian Husky is an agile and intelligent dog, also can be a digger,
 runner, climber and jumper---ie; major escape artist!
12)  Do you have a fenced in yard?
(This is a MUST!)
 Yes    No *
The Siberian Husky sheds heavily twice a year.
13) Will shedding be an issue for you or anyone else in your family?  Yes    No   *
14) Where will your dog spend most of it's time?

If Other please describe:

If Other please describe:

 House    By Your Side    In a Room    Outside    Other   *

 House    By Your Side    In a Room    Outside    Other   *

15) Would you be willing to take your Husky to Obedience Classes?  Yes    No *
16) Would you be willing to take your Husky with you whenever possible?  Yes    No *
Socialization is an EXTREMELY important factor in raising any puppy.
17) Do you think you can get your puppy out and involved in many new situations as soon as possible?  Yes    No *
18) Will you and your family spend much time with your Husky?  Yes    No *
19) Who will be the caretaker for your Husky? (who will have the major responsibility for care?) *
20) If your Husky was to bite or develop a habit you do not find acceptable, what would you do? *
21) Would you be able to return your Husky to me in the event of a problem?  Yes    No *
22) If you were to suffer a divorce or break up (even death) of someone currently involved with your Husky and it's care, will you have made previous arrangements for the dog's custody? (don't laugh! this has caused some folks MAJOR heartache!)  Yes    No *
23) Do you have any interest in breeding your Husky?  Yes    No *
24) How about showing your Husky in UKC, AKC  Conformation, Agility, Tracking, Rally-O, etc?

If so, which area(s) interest you the most? (this helps me select the right puppy for your interests)
 Yes    No *

25) Do you intend to spay/neuter your Husky?  Yes    No *
26) Are you, or have you been, a dog breeder?

If so, when and which breeds?
 Yes    No *

27) Are you only interested in a puppy?

Would you take an older dog?
 Yes    No *

 Yes    No *
28) How about a special needs dog (either a puppy with a health issue or defect, or an adult with same)?  Yes    No *
29) Why do you feel your home would be a desirable place for a Shiver Siberian? *
30) Do you have any particular concerns regarding any special circumstances surrounding your buying a Husky?
I like to stay in contact with my puppy owners.
31) Would you be willing to stay in contact me about your Husky?  Yes    No *
32) Tell me about yourself - your family ? *
33) Please list any questions for me:
Eye Color:
Coat Color:
  **Keep in mind the more you specify, the longer you may wait!
 Male    Female    Either  
 Brown    Blue    Bi-Eyed    None  
 Black/White    Grey/White  

Thank you for your interest in Shiver Siberians.

Karen and Pack

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